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domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

another special place in popayan is the museums. the archdiocesan museum have paintings of easel, oil of different painting, and artistic manifestation, missals, religious carvings. have paintigs of christ pasion. art from quito and simbols.

the museum of natural history of cauca university is a center of researcher, recolectation and investigation of natural patrimon. its consider the most important of latinamerican.

the hose museum of guillermo leon valencia, its the result of the ong guillermo valencia, culture ministery and nacional museu of colombia for the legacy of the expresident colombian and have space for culture and the arts in the city of popayan. the museum have political and personal pictures, insignia and condecorations of the expresident valencia, have 4 chambers the museum,

the last thing is the theatre guillermo valencia, father of the expreseident. the theater have the idea of intelectual like ncomedes arce, carlos ayerbe segura, gonzalo miranda, the gonzalo brothers and domingo lemos bonilla, adolfo cordoba and delfin valdez. wh suscribe actions have money the construction. the first stone was placed in 20 july of 1892 with the arquitectual of mario lombardi.

in 1897 have a proyect withe the ingeneer augusto aragon and counselor roberto white. 
the theater built in 1927 with the presentation of troubadour of verdy in the opera of adolfo and have a tenor like hipolito lazaro. 

the decorated of the theater have advanced in the city. the called republican style. 

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