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sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017

today we talk a very beautiful city that we live of a short time: popayan. popayan is the oldest city that cartagena of indias. have a constructions for 500 years. have the new city and the old city.
we start for the  newest one.
the mall of campanario built in 2006 and socialize all over the city in the theather guillermo valencia in the oldest city.
heve the exclusive brands (the brand velez have a lot of jackets and boats for the tempeture) have a jumbo when have a exclusive things (have the fois gras, wine and a lot of cheese)

one of the bars that we live there is buffalo beer: is in front of campanario mall and is great environment to talk, drink, and a custom music (choose the music). is a place to talk and enjoy the night in popayan. 

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