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domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

hi everyone!!!!!

this is a blog dedicated to people who loves travel over the globe. my husband and i have to take impresions to the cities that visited.

because we traveled a lot in colombia and other placeswe fall in love the cities they had visited. start in one: cartagena of indias.

this is a wonderfull city with the hictoric zone and the san felipe castle. the castle was the defense of cartagena. centuries look after borders of the pirats and they has a jail for the capture in the colony. now is a legacy of the city and visit locals and foreigns.

the historic city have tremendous place like donde fidel. they have a lot of foreigns that love the night live. a lot of personalities of the world salsa came to donde fidel and the table in front of the wall is a lovely view. 

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